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   The Taylors have been in the Ceramics industry since the 1800’s and take pride in the quality products that they produce. The original Charles Taylor came from England in 1832 and found a good supply of flint clays along the Ohio River in Kentucky. Realizing that this clay would make superior brick products, he founded the company Charles Taylor and Sons Refractories. This company bought by National Lead in 1944, but the Taylor name still remains on some of its plants. This is where the Tiger comes in. Charles Taylor named his top of the line brick “tiger” for its strength and refinement. The Tiger remains in the theme of the Taylor Clay Products as a reminder of where it comes from and what it stands for.


     Now fast forward to Salisbury, North Carolina, 1949. Charles D. (Chuck) Taylor, father of our current company President, Charles D. Taylor, Jr., had come to the Salisbury area to help Isenhour Brick build a kiln. Isenhour was so impressed with his skill that he offered Taylor a job. But Taylor decided to remain in Salisbury and build his own plant which was designed for glazed tile and brick. Rather than supplying the residential market, at that time, Taylor wanted to supply the architectural market. Presently our primary focus still remains on high quality architectural products, with additional products being recently added for the local housing markets. These include tumble, blade cut, roller textures and special coatings that give that unique look homeowners want.


     Taylor Clay Products remains committed to the same core values the company was founded on. A quality brick that looks as good as it is strong.
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